ERC721 public NFT minting

Hi All,

  • I’m new to DApp development, I would really like to get an expert advise on the solution for the following use case.
  • I’m working on a svg editor web application, where users can mint the work they complete within the application and list it for sale inside the application (using opensea iframe embedding)
  • We’ve a erc721 contract linked to our application in which there will be a public mint function which can be used to directly mint their work via a menu in webapp through web3.js with metamask approval. after minting am planning to use openseajs sdk to create selling order in
  • By selling in embedded opensea am planning to use opensea storefront editor to configure a fee for nft transaction (
  • By moving forward with this approach is there any security issues for keeping mint function public or any major design concerns that I should be aware of??

Please let me know if I need to add more details


Hi @lajith,

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A potential area for concern is that someone could mint a token with inappropriate content or copied content that they didn’t create.

If you are using centralized metadata, then you could potentially moderate the content if required but this has the downside that you have the ability to censor any work. You would want to be clear with your community under what circumstances you would take any action.

If you are using decentralized metadata you may want to consider how you would deal with such content and if you need to include a moderation process.

You should also consider what harm someone could do to your solution by minting a large volume of NFTs with low quality content.


@abcoathup Thanks for your quick reply… was really helpful. I’m planning to serve centralized metadata to monitor, Like u said will make sure we’ve everything aligned with the community.
And will think about the last point as well.

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