Create a BEP20 token with fees for LP and retribution to holder

Hey, I want to create a BEP20 token with remix.eth that have the same fees features as Safemoon but I have some trouble with the safemoon fork.
Does anyone knows how to add those features in the contract ERC20 that openzeppelin provide?

Hi @Kinder_Bueno welcome to the Open Zeppelin Forums.

There are too many topics needing help with SafeMoon clones. Your question has likely been answered in other topics. Please post a specific question, after searching for your answer in the forums, in

It’s either SwapAndLiquify needs to be set to False or MaxTxPercent needs to be set to 100.

If you have rejected ownership then you likely cannot get the liquidity back.

Hi @Tsushima_Yoshiko,
Thanks for the information you provided but what I meant is I don’t know how do add those features on remix (5% to holder and 5% to the LP) and didn’t find topic about that