Cost of an audit

Hello! I have a contract with 18 functions, it's for a small project, any ideas about how much an audit could cost? thank you!

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if you go with brand companies like cetrik, it will cost around 1500USD to 3500USD. If you want to hire freelacer, then it will cost 700USD to 1200USD according to their experience. May be it lesser or higher :slight_smile:

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if you still need assistance on this I can help

reach me out on Telegram: @inmarelibero

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If you find a right person who have lots of project in hand he will do it under 550

Hello, sir. I would be happy to provide my services for you. I am an independent auditor with a keen eye for identifying attack vectors. We can proceed with a Pay-per-vulnerability or fixed payment method, whichever you prefer. I have prior experience working with Nethermind as an auditing intern, and currently, I am a Senior Blockchain developer at Tokenminds. You can find my LinkedIn profile here.

For the fixed-payment method, I will charge $300, with a $100 advance and the remaining $200 after completing the service. Let's connect on Telegram to discuss further:

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Hello @Piggycoin

I've reviewed your requirements and I'm prepared to assist you.
Feel free to reach out:

Skype: live:.cid.a0f06a69cf1c6478

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jack Smith