Contract not showing up after deployed

Hi all,

New to coding so thought I would have a little experiment. So I’ve deployed a contract which is sitting in my wallet and can freely move my tokens around. However I wanted to go back into the contract to play around with the tax and whitelist function but I just get the contract to show up.

My wallet is connected as I can se the address and balance also I’m on injected web3. I just seem to get the “Currently you have no contract instances to interact with.” When I deployed the contract yesterday I could see after having a play around there were 3 different contracts which all had a drop down box. Any help would be appreciated.



I assume this question is about Remix IDE.

I don’t know if there is a way to persist deployed instances. But you can add your instance back if you know the address by using the “At address” button:


Hi Frangio, thanks for taking the time out to reply.

I don’t have the at address only the contract address and wallet address the contract was created with. Any idea how to recover the at address?

Thanks in advance

Oh actually that just means “at” as in the English proposition. It is just the contract address.

I thought as much but when I put the contract address in nothing seems to change. The contract box as in your image above is greyed out and I cannot type in the box and when I paste the contract address in the at address box nothing seems to happen. I’ve tried hitting enter too unless there’s some other key I need to press?