Contract is not deployed on Quorum with goclient

Hi there

I’m testing OpenZeppelin and I’m trying to deploy an ERC777 Token based on this example Token .But the contract is not deployed, logs only show

Executing EVM call finished runtime=736.1µs

But when I try to interact with the contract I get the error no contract code at given address. I’m being stuck in this error for a couple of days. Any ideas?

I’ve created a repo with a docker compose file to replicate the error.
Repo Code

start quorum network
docker-compose up -d

deploy contract
cd token
go run main.go

go version go1.12.5 darwin/amd64
docker-compose version 1.23.2, build 1110ad01

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Hi @carlos welcome to the community. :wave:

Having a look through your repository I couldn’t see where you had deployed an ERC1820 registry (Simple ERC777 token example).
Public networks have the ERC1820 registry deployed, but for private networks you will need to deploy this.

I am not familiar with deploying using Go, so that is all new to me.

If you haven’t already, it could be worth deploying an ERC20 token to check that your environment and deployment is working ok, and then change to using an ERC777 as you need to also deploy an ERC1820 registry.

@abcoathup thanks for the response

I have not deployed ERC1820, I going to adjust my repo for using truffle and install the contract ERC1820 and ERC777.

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Hi @carlos were you able to deploy ERC1820 and then ERC777?