Connect to metamask

Hello Zeppeliners

I have a question if you may, and I need your help pls.

I have read this article

I have taken this code and added it to my theme header:

because this under (Add an image/logo to your token in MetaMask).

Metamask in this case try to connect to my website, but it needs to connect to my wallet, which is metamask.

I found plugin called (WPSmartContracts)
this allows your website (admin in WordPress) to connect with metamask.

the question is, if I connect my site to metamask, and the code of the logo which I have mentioned above is pasted in my theme header.

does this make metamask take my logo and add it to my token in metamask?


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Sorry I do not understand this question. Perhaps this article in MetaMask’s help articles is helpful.