Compound Timelock: executed queueTransaction but reverts on executeTransaction

This is the timelock contract I am using:

so this is the value i put into queueTransaction on and it succeeds on blockchain

so i figure, to execute the queuetransaction after the timelock period is up, i would put the exact same code in for executeTransaction

however, i get error saying “Fail with error 'Timelock:: executeTransaction: Transaction execution reverted”

Please help!

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This is timelock contract I am using

Hello @ccstorexz,
For the record, the timelock you are using is NOT OpenZeppelin’s timelock. This is from compound, so you should probably have asked them.

Still, from what you are saying, the timelock works just fine. Transaction execution reverted is a revert message you get when the transaction you are trying to execute through the timelock fails. This means that whatever you are telling the timelock to do, is invalid, potentially because the timelock doesn’t have the right to do the transaction.

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Why your signature is empty?
I think if you want to call transfer(address to, uint256 amount), the signature should be transfer(address,uint256)

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