Timelock: queueTransaction, queuedTransactions and executeTransaction

Hi everyone!

First, thank you for this forum, I have learned a lot from the others developers topics.

I am learning about Timelock. I deployed a Timelock contract, and now I want change the _delay using the function setDelay(uint).

I queued the transaction and waited for the delay ends. But now, I dont know how to execute the transaction in BSCScan.

All I need to do is complete the parameters below? Are the same parameters I used when queued the transaction? Or there is something more?

And for use the queuedTransaction function, what I put in there? The transaction hash?

Thank you!

I figured out how to query queuedTransactions. I only need to learn how to executeTransactions. Thanks!

Yes, the same parameters!

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Thanks for your answer @frangio! The problem was that I used another ETA for the executeTransaction. It need to be the same used with queueTransaction.

hi, you know what we put on ETA? its the blocknumber?

Take the epoch from here: https://www.epochconverter.com/ and add 21600 (6 hours, the delay of the timelock). May be a little more, like 21620.


thanks, so its the epoch time.