CompileError: DeclarationError: Identifier already declared

Wondering if anyone has a fix/idea for this.

I have tested my smart contracts with remix and they all work fine with me importing directly from github. I have been trying to run my files locally with truffle and have used the import @openzeppelin approach and seem to be getting this error.

CompileError: DeclarationError: Identifier already declared.

| 4 | import "./Token.sol"; | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Is it possible that I have installed openzeppelin wrongly locally? I have tried uninstalling and installing again but still seem to be faced with this error.

Any chance that there's an extra step in between that needs to be done when importing contracts with openzepplin dependencies into new contracts? In this context I have 3 smart contracts. 2 are importing separate and different openzepplin contracts and are then imported into the 3rd contract.