Cant able to run the add Liquidity function in uniswap router v2 on bnb testnet

Hey I am deploying the smart contract of the uniswap v2 I want to run the add Liquidity function on my remix I have successfully deployed the ec2 tokens then the factory contract and create the pair successfully. I have deployed the router contract using factory address and wbnb address I am putting these on params
tokenA: 0x3fc2AC4FB0de215463DEf0fD99c100043E451Db4
tokenB: 0xA50a7e2Ee172956aFde42c0A7E498C1DD32DF101
amountADesired: 10000
amountBDesired: 10000
amountAMin: 500
amountBMin: 500
deadline: 1714994751
I have also verified the router address to the token contract and run approve function on router address and then I run the add Liquidity function.
tokenA: 0x3fc2AC4FB0de215463DEf0fD99c100043E451Db4
tokenB: 0xA50a7e2Ee172956aFde42c0A7E498C1DD32DF101
Fatory: 0xEF7EBE5212eF91B4e0D7bb059fC787B192A8faAE
Pair: 0x5B4a49706339f892B5FbdC04a25B25775Bda7bFd
Router: 0xD1dAfe0571d10B6630535F2cc78fCDF445e4775b
these are deployed addresses if the contracts that I am using can any one help me out on that.
the error that I am seeing is this: