Cannot transfer a proxy's ownership

I've been playing with Upgradeable Proxies with Hardhat, and I'm facing an issue.
After seeing I could not upgrade my proxy, I've changed the proxy admin, but I'm now in a situation where my admin is the same as the owner (upgrades.erc1967.getAdminAddress and myProxy.owner() returning the same address).

The thing is that I can not interact with the contract implementation because it keeps returning me admin cannot fallback to proxy target (which is normal). I've then thought I had to change the admin again to another address, but changeProxyAdmin returns Proxy admin is not the one registered in the network manifest.

I've changed the admin.address of mychain.json in the .openzeppelin folder to the address returned by myProxy.owner(), but changeProxyAdmin now returns ProviderError: not enough gas supplied for intrinsic gas costs.

I guess I need to manage, in some way, to change my proxy's admin to another address in order to be able to interact again with my implementation.

Does someone have an idea of my issue/how to fix it ?


EDIT: Forgot to specify that I had way more than enough funds to upgrade my contracts, so that's not the cause here

The error message not enough gas might be right. For a user provided account in Hardhat, I'm not sure if the balance of ETHs is above 0. I think you may want to transfer some ETHs to that wallet before calling functions.

If the contracts are deployed can you share the address and network? Otherwise can you share a repo or snippet that showcases the problem?

The admin/owner distinction can be confusing. Make sure to read this section of the docs.