Cannot access defender (tos page keeps reloading)

I signed up for a new account, verified it and try to use the defender, but the ToS page is stuck in an infinite reload loop and there seems to be no way to skip it to access the defender dashboard (homepage)

:computer: Environment

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N (10.9.19045 Build 19045)

  • Microsoft Windows 11 Enterprise (10.0.22000 Build 22000)

  • Google Chrome - Version 115.0.5790.171 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Firefox Browser - Version 115.1.0esr (64-bit)

  • Microsoft Edge - Version 115.0.1901.203 (Official build) (64-bit)


  1. Register a new defender account
  2. verify email and login
  3. the /#/tos keeps reloading never showing any content - it is not possible to proceed to the main page to use the defender

:1234: Code to reproduce

  • registered 2 account with different email address

  • verified the email

  • signed in to

  • after signing in, the page redirects to /#/tos and gets stuck in an infinite reloading loop

  • tried 3 browsers (see env above) both regular and incognito browser

  • two different computers (win 10, win 11)

  • two different IP addresses (home + work VPN)

Thanks for letting us know! We're aware of the issue and a fix is making its way to production.
Please try again later today or tomorrow and reply here in case the issue persists.

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Hi @0f0crypto

Thank you for reporting, and I apologize for the issues you experienced.

We had a small bug in the latest release.

In the meantime, a hotfix has been deployed, and it should be working now!


Seems to be working now. Thank you!