Can contracts with fixed supply or max supply mint new tokens after token burn?

Hi, if a contract has a fixed supply, say 10m, and let say you burn 5m of that supply. Can you later mint 5m more tokens to make the balance of 9.5m become 10m again?
I want a way to limit the total amount of tokens that can be in circulation but still be able to add to that supply after token burns.

I think this all depends on your code, the reason you're not able to mint more tokens after max supply is reached is because you're probably doing some required check to make sure the max supply is not surpassed, so if you perhaps want it surpassed under certain conditions you might want to check for those conditions first before outrightly requiring that minting transaction fail if max supply is reached....

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Hi, welcome! :wave:

Agree with olaoye_zerubabbel , and if possible, you can share your contract code at here. Then we can give you a more explicit answer.

thanks. I deployed it on testnet and was able to figure it out. it is as you said