Can anyone help me understand this multiple nft minting please

Hey everyone. Am new to the space and recently started minting and selling nfts. Was wondering if anyone could help me understand this contract and point in the right direction to get knowledge to be able to do it myself.

Here this guy mints from 100 different wallets it seems at the same time. He is doing this with freemints that only allow 1 mint per wallet. Could anyone help me understand this?


I checked out the link and looks like the Contract is this : 0x9124c397C6E37C13fb020928B497C95a94342EEe

The Contract hasn't really been verified so I can't see the code from the editor itself. Could you explain what you want specifically so that I can guide you?

Hey thanks for your response!
Ok so what i wanna do is find out what this guy is doing.
In this particular case it seems he is minting at same time from 100 different wallets in one transaction.
This is important because the mint is only allowed one free mint per wallet, so him being able to mint from different wallets at same time for low gas is very valuable. Also, Im not sure if this is correct but it also seems that at the same time he is minting from different wallets but having them all sent to one main wallet? Not sure if that makes sense let me know what u think or any questions!

Normally i would say he wrote an contract that uses the create function to create new contracts and mint with those. However looking at the tx's i believe he's simply calling devMint which allows minting to another address which he was doing. That would mean he was the contract owner as that function is limited to the contract owner.

Looks like a bot that's doing this over and over