Calling to Autotask high latency

I’m running a transaction on the BSC testnet with an autotask. average response time 5 - 20 sec

:computer: Environment

  • BSC Testnet
  • Call from region Asia (Singapore)

:1234: Code to reproduce
Actions list on Autotasks (about gasless)

  • Condition if check request.body
  • Condition if check jwt
  • Connect Relayer
  • Validate request (method verify) on the minimalForwarder contract
  • Check error transaction before real execute (by using callStatic method execute for contract minimalForwarder)
  • Relayer call execute contract minimalForwarder


  1. Does Defender appear to be running in the AWS Lambda region us-west-2?
  2. Do you have a configuration zone region, or are you self-hosted?

Any advice on how to reduce response time or get around?

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Hi @Visarut_Phusua,

Thanks for reaching out.
To answer your questions:

  1. Yes Defender is running on us-west-2
  2. Unfortunately no, you can't configure your zone region at the moment.
  3. Sorry, I have no advice on that as the autotasks are optimized as much as possible.
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Thanks for information.