BSC testnet node stuck at block 13993731

I was trying to set up and run Autotask + Relay in BSC testnet but kept getting insufficient fund error.

:computer: Environment

Autotask + Relay


I was testing a simple BNB transfer and relayer balance shown in Relay panel is enough. Then I printed out block number in multiple runs and they all returned 13993731.

:1234: Code to reproduce

exports.handler = async function(credentials) {
  const relayer = new Relayer(credentials);
  const blockNumber = await'eth_blockNumber', []);

Hey @NIC619! Indeed, we were hitting a set of BSC testnet nodes which were several blocks behind (namely and, and our fallback logic failed in switching to other more up-to-date providers. We've now fixed this, but keep us posted if you see any further disruptions in the BSC testnet services!

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Will do. Thanks for the quick fix!