Bridging FTT to BSC

Hi everybody!

I hope you could help me out in the quest I set out to do. I want to bring FTT to BSC. I am launching my own project on the BSC network and having an ability to do that is crucial to my venture. We plan on being interoperable between blockchains, so completing this bridge will be a first step in achieving that goal.

FTT is not listed on BSC, so option like Binance Bridge don’t work and also their centralized which limits the operational aspect I want to achieve due to the transaction and daily swap limits, and add to that the risk of frozen funds.

How I imagine it now is I need to create an address on the BSC that will host erc20 FTT and allow for use on BSC? I am not completely sure of what is the best way to make it work, I hope the community could offer some advice on how to approach and complete this quest.

Hope to hear some cool feedback!:grin:

Yours truly, Rogi

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Hi @Rogi,

Welcome to the community. I assume FTT is an ERC20 token. You could look at bridging solutions.

The only bridge I have come across is: