Autotask behavior change? Exiting on first transaction submission

Hello, we've been using Autotasks to perform all sorts of contract automation like automatic payments to our pool on behalf of users. We use a subgraph to query all wallets that are ready to be paid and submit a transaction from our relayer for the 10 most imminently due (to avoid timeout issues). This has been working fine for us until recently when I noticed our Autotasks were only paying back one wallet and then exiting. This is causing issues on our end with wallets backing up. Did something on the OpenZeppelin side change to not allow for multiple transactions anymore?

Hi @frinkly, thanks for letting us know about the issue.
About Autotasks, there was no arbitrary change on the way they work from our side, so it should keep working the same.
This could be an issue related with your tenant capacities, could you please share your tenant Id and Autotask Id for better investigation?


Hi Marcos! Sure thing, please let me know what you find!

Tenant Id: bf5b7715-12c0-42d3-85ae-2eb7a8063911 Autotask Id: 381a6bdf-6f14-4ea0-aca2-5c201c983d57