Assistance with bscscan token

Please I need assistance with a token I have on bscscan
I'm not sure whether it's called farming.
I purchased a $Twep3 token and paid the swap to BNB fee as well. It was supposed to go to my BNB wallet but instead it's now lying on bscscan with a different"wallet address"
The amount of BNB keeps on changing. BNB gets transferred from other wallet addresses or contract to my wallet address on bscscan and BNB also gets taken from that address.
I just don't know how to get my funds out of bscscan.
It's not a contract Address as bscscan already confirmed this but it's been verified by the blockchain. Please if anyone can be of assistancešŸ™

Here is a screenshot|250x500


This forum is about helping developers who write contracts. It appears that you are interacting with a contract written by someone else, that is not behaving as you expect.

There is no way to help you without knowing the address of the contract you are interacting with. Even if we get access to the code for that contract, and it turns out it contains bugs, or is a scam, then its most likely we cannot do anything about it.