Asking for Launching BEP20 Token

Hello everyone,

I want to create my BEP20 token with NFT game project, let me named it XYZ token. Im planning it have ownership, and the tokenomics are :
50% Burn, 1,6% Seed Sale, 2,4% Pre Sale, 1% Direct Sale, 6% Liquidity, 5% Founder, 1% Partner, 2% Development, 1% Further Development, 1,5% Marketing, 1% Operational Cost, 25% In Game Fund, 2.5% Charity
I will do manual burn with mechanism : 5 x 10% (regarding to total holder target in bscscan). Founder, Developer Partner, Development, ..., Charity allocation will be lock and release 6th month after token launch with certain percentage and will 100% release until 20 months. Player can get this XYZ token while playing the game (for example after defeating enemy will get XYZ token). Token feature will have anti-whale system, but only limiting max sell maynot exceed 0.5% of max supply. The concept is already in mind, but so many things are still big question for me. Kindly help me to answer my questions :

  1. Is anti-whale system need coding while creating smart contract in solidity or thats exchange facility? If need coding, where can i find limiting max sell coding? And that feature from coding will applied only in DEX or also in CEX?
  2. For manual burn, which way better to increase token price, burn to general black hole (not reducing max supply) or burn that reducing max supply? What i know if reducing max supply is need coding in smart contract, but can i still do manual burn if it by coding? For example if total holder is 10k in bsc scan, i will transfered 50mio token to burn wallet. So i not burn all after token launch.
  3. I want player can get this XYZ token while playing game, is it need coding while creating smart contract or it related while developing the game? If need coding where can i find the coding?
  4. Where is low fee but credible 3rd party platform to lock Founder, Developer Partner, Development, ..., Charity token allocation? So people can verify these allocation is really locked.
  5. After the token transfer from locked platform, how I can use the token? For example for Development, Marketing, and Operational Cost token? I should sell those token to stable coin like BUSD and withdraw it to my bank account?
  6. Where is ICO 3rd party platform with low fee and high opportunity to list ICO there?

Thank you so much.

Hello, anyone can answer my questions please? Thanks