After transfer ownership, can not call function again

I got the same error on metamask. I send all coins from the creator address to another address and again send 3 tokens to this address from new owner in short I transfer the ownership but now I want to send this much coin again to new owner but it is showing internal json rpc error … can anyone help me please …

Not sure what are your executions, and I think you should share the token address


This is the token address

So do you mean this failed transaction: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan ?
It seems like you are trying to transferOwnership() by the account 0x88a3, but current owner is 0x8ef1, so this account can not call this function.

Noo I transfer the ownership successfully ,actually by mistake I do 2 times transferOwnership … so 2nd time it’s failed bcz first times is already done but while sending the token from one metamask account to the owner trust wallet account it is showing error !

I only find one failed transaction, so it seems like these failed transaction do not broadcast.

I have deployed a same contract on the BSC-Testnet, you can have a look at here: Contract Address 0x934d749f737e6e8b04a6464369748cbcc6133084 | BscScan

  • User1 deploys contract
  • User1 transfers some tokens to user2
  • User1 transfers ownership to user2
  • User2 transfers some tokens to user1

All above transactions succeeded, so I am not sure why you can not.

Yess that all transactions happens , firstly creator sends all coins to me (metamask),then creator sends all coins too new owner, and transfer the ownership, then new owner sends some coins to me for checking the transactions… but why I m not able able to send it back to him ? It is smart contract code problem or metamask ?

Sorry firstly creator sends 1000 coins to me then rest to newOwner

I think I have followed all the steps, do you think so?

Yess I see ur deployed contract on testnet but I think it has some error in metamask bcz I send from creator wallet to other wallet then from other wallet to my wallet it’s successfull but when I m finding from my wallet it is showing error…

Sorry, I did not encounter any errors, so do you think what is wrong with my steps?

Hey i see you’re pretty experienced with this topics of transferring ownership
I really need your help on a matter.

Is there a way to speak to you?

Hi, welcome! :wave:

If you can not get a solution by searching in the forum, then you can open a new topic and ask.

Can u able to send some tokens from user 1 to user 3 then send all tokens
To user 2 ,and transfer ownership from user 1 to user 2… then send rest tokens which user3 have to user 2?

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Saw you taking about transfer of ownership please how can I do that please?