Add Sepolia network support

Since Ropsten, Rinkeby Deprecated !

Its Required to add new : Sepolia Network

Network/Chain ID: 11155111
Genesis Hash: 0x25a5cc106..8993e6dd9
Consensus Engine: Proof of Stake
EVM Version: London

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Hey @smak0v -

We will for sure add Sepolia but in all likelihood it will be in Quarter 3. For the moment, Goerli is our supported testnet for Ethereum mainnet.

Is there any way to add support sooner? We have many contracts on Sepolia and Alchemy has supported it for some time now.

Goerli EOL is at the end of this year:

The gas price in the Goerli testnet is too high and it is no so easy to test contracts with so high gas price.
For example: Chainlink's VRF V2 supports only 150 Gwei key hash. But gas price in the Goerli is more than 250 Gwei last 4-6 days.

Also, as @wayne mentioned, Goerli EOL will be soon.

It would be very helpful if you will add Sepolia network support sooner :pray: :pleading_face:

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Hey, happy to let you know that Sepolia is now supported on Defender :slight_smile:

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