[Action Required]: Defender Autotask runtime upgrade

Autotask is a snippet of javascript code invoked at a regular interval, similar to a serverless function. And as a matter of fact, they are implemented with Lambda functions.

As stated in Defender documentation, Autotasks are piece of code that runs within AWS lambda function within our backend.

Our infrastructure provider has deprecated Node.js 12 runtime and will end support for it. In order to keep Autotasks running and to preserve high security level Defender users would need to manually upgrade Node.js runtime to version 16. Beside upgrading runtime, packed dependencies are going to be upgraded to the latest version.

Upgrade action needs to be run manually for every Autotask by invoking Upgrade from the Autotask menu or from the Notification banner. As there could be breaking changes with newer Runtime and with newer versions of packed dependencies it is wise to check if Autotask runs as before.

On December 14th all Autotasks that haven't been upgraded will be paused and to unpause them users would need to run upgrade action first.

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I can't find any of those things. Any help?

Hi @Fede

In case upgrade action is needed warning icon would be visible as part of the Autotask item in the Autotask list screen:

Opening specific Autotask would display warning banner with "Upgrade" action:

Same can be achieved from Autotask settings menu(Upgrade Runtime option):

There are couple of possible reasons why you don't see those options:

  • Autotasks are recently created so action is not required.
  • Somebody from your team has already run upgrade action.
  • You don't have permissions to run upgrade action. Can be run from admin account or from other accounts if required permissions has been set by account admin.

Feel free to send tenantId or email you are using to sign in into Defender so I can check.
Support email: defender-support @openzeppelin.com


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