Absolute noob in developing, need a little help

So, I decided to pay a solidity dev to help me create the contract for my first coin. It tested well, deployed on the mainnet successfully. After that, I’ve not gotten in touch with him yet after he transferred ownership to me.

So, the contract is on the binance smartchain and I started off with one quadrillion tokens, but dev burned 35 trillion just to test the manual burn mechanism.

So, in my wallet I have 915 trillion of this coin, owned by my wallet.

Another 50 trillion, roughly 5 percent, is being held by the contract code itself.

What am I supposed to do in order to launch and why does the contract code on that particular supply of coins?

Obviously I can’t lunch with me owning almost all of the coins, so where am I supposed to send them?

I plan on adding liquidity to pancakeswap, making the Bnb pair, and locking liquidity through dxsale. I want to do a fair launch.

If anyone could help guide me with anything, I’d be very grateful. Ty.

If it helps, here’s the bscscan