3 Most and best used smart contract

Greetings Developers,

i was wondering what is the most 3 used and common smart contract.
I know there is some token like down these

1. Standard Token

  • Perfect Utility Token
  • No Special Functions like additional fees

2. Liquidity Generator Token

  • Auto yield and liquidity generation (Safemoon Fork)
  • Customize fees taken to reward holders
  • Customize fees to generate liquidity
  • Whitelist function

3. Frictionless Yield Token

  • Standard token with automatic yield
  • Customize fees taken to reward holders
  • Whitelist function

These token has some common functions like: (there is more not only these)

Capped Supply
Your token have limited Token

Unlimited Supply
Your token could have unlimited

Verified Source Code
Your Token Source Code will be automatically verified on BscScan.

Your Token can be burnt.

Can Pause
This pausing operation can be used in case of a software vulnerability or a malicious attack.

Accounts can also be blacklisted if they act malicius.

You will be able to generate tokens by minting them.

Keeps track of historical balances for voting in on-chain governance, with a way to delegate one's voting power to a trusted account

Every transaction charges transaction Taxs and burns tokens

Make a callback on the receiver contract.

Token Recover
Recover any BEP20 token sent into the contract for error.

SO, What you think is most useful Smart Contract and list down below code or sources


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I would like one copy of the second