Write contract Factory (Fork pancakeswap)

Hello guys! can someone explain to me how to setup the Factory of my dex (pancakeswap fork) to get fees for swap, I already edited FeeTo on the factory contract, but not sure if i need to create a few different pairs or how this works, any tips or any tutorial? thanks

Also I'm looking to add new pairs on farms, and charge 2% of fees, any sugestions? thanks guys

If you already changed feeTo address then it should be ready.

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Thanks FreezyEx!
I been using before pancakaswap factory v2 and Router and working well, now I'm testing with my fork or pcs factory and router but when I try to swap it is telling "Insufficient liquidity fro this trade", I suppose it's because I need add liquidiy first? Liquidity is already added on pancakeswap.. I'm bit confused.. so i need add liquidity on my platfom to swap the tokens? or something else is wrong?

Contract address:
Factory: 0x4E531D55cE1F6f4e092d0B3C6Ae3d5CD7d444d64
Router: 0xF1Bb09517cDcfC9C8268Ff8F550F7E99291fB806

Can you have a look? thank you so much

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Of course you have to add liquidity on your dex.

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Okay Great! thanks Frezzy

last question, so i need add liquidity for any token that i want to swap on my dex?

Exactly. A token need liquidity at least for one pair in order to be swapped.

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