Why Crowdsale contracts have been deprecated for 3.0?

Hello, I read that Crowsale.sol and related contracts have been deprecated for OZ3.0.

My guess is that there is an expectation that Crowdsales/ICOs will be replaced by IDOs / IEOs and similar managed platforms where the Crowsale contract is provided by the platform out of the box and transparently to the user.

However, I think there is still valid business cases for running your own ICOs, without IDO/IEO as they apply very high restrictions to the project owners.

Am I in the right path? WDYT?

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There may be valid cases for ICOs. The reason the Crowdsale contracts was deprecated was that they didn't translate well to Solidity 0.6 after the introduction of overrides.

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Any suggestions?
Many could be interested to check what most people use now to run their ICO,
also on other chains like BSC

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