What's the function and how is it used of bytes calldata _data in this contract function?

What's the function and how is it used of bytes calldata _data in this contract function?

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    Mint a batch of tokens into existence and send them to the `_recipient`
    address. In order to mint an item, its item group must first have been
    created. Minting an item must obey both the fungibility and size cap of its

    @param _recipient The address to receive all NFTs within the newly-minted
    @param _ids The item IDs for the new items to create.
    @param _amounts The amount of each corresponding item ID to create.
    @param _data Any associated data to use on items minted in this transaction.
  function mintBatch(address _recipient, uint256[] calldata _ids,
    uint256[] calldata _amounts, bytes calldata _data)
    external virtual {
    require(_recipient != address(0),
      "ERC1155: mint to the zero address");
    require(_ids.length == _amounts.length,
      "ERC1155: ids and amounts length mismatch");

    // Validate and perform the mint.
    address operator = _msgSender();
    _beforeTokenTransfer(operator, address(0), _recipient, _ids, _amounts,

    // Loop through each of the batched IDs to update storage of special
    // balances and circulation balances.
    for (uint256 i = 0; i < _ids.length; i++) {
      require(_hasItemRight(_ids[i], MINT),
        "Super1155: you do not have the right to mint that item");

      // Retrieve the group ID from the given item `_id` and check mint.
      uint256 shiftedGroupId = (_ids[i] & GROUP_MASK);
      uint256 groupId = shiftedGroupId >> 128;
      uint256 mintedItemId = _mintChecker(_ids[i], _amounts[i]);

      // Update storage of special balances and circulating values.
      balances[mintedItemId][_recipient] = balances[mintedItemId][_recipient]
      groupBalances[groupId][_recipient] = groupBalances[groupId][_recipient]
      totalBalances[_recipient] = totalBalances[_recipient].add(_amounts[i]);
      mintCount[mintedItemId] = mintCount[mintedItemId].add(_amounts[i]);
      circulatingSupply[mintedItemId] = circulatingSupply[mintedItemId]
      itemGroups[groupId].mintCount = itemGroups[groupId].mintCount
      itemGroups[groupId].circulatingSupply =

    // Emit event and handle the safety check.
    emit TransferBatch(operator, address(0), _recipient, _ids, _amounts);
    _doSafeBatchTransferAcceptanceCheck(operator, address(0), _recipient, _ids,
      _amounts, _data);

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