What do I do with a lazymint voucher after generating it?

Hi, I am building an NFT exchange similar to Opensea/rarible and I have a question about lazy minting.

Listing artwork for sale : Assuming a user wants to list their art on my exchange. Once my code has generated a voucher based on the artwork IPFS URL, what do I do with the voucher. Do I just store this voucher in a centralized location (my database)?

Buying the artwork : And then later on when the buyer clicks to buy the item from my exchange, my NFT exchange should then call the redeem function in the lazymint smart contract.

Did I get this correct?

My sample voucher: 
  tokenId: 1,
  uri: 'ipfs://bafybeigdyrzt5sfp7udm7hu76uh7y26nf3efuylqabf3oclgtqy55fbzdi',
  minPrice: 0,
  signature: '0x7783250583ab9d4ae598e3570713e67ccfe403724f31bb2f2127971939b8e49833324b0759bba5c7128b3d7c6724d9350b8ab7a989ad2cdf1bd431fa9967c22f1b'