Web3dart, flutter library, is it possible to generate private keys with seeds?

I am using the web3dart library for flutter. It generates private keys using random integers:

  /// Creates a new, random private key from the [random] number generator.
  /// For security reasons, it is very important that the random generator used
  /// is cryptographically secure. The private key could be reconstructed by
  /// someone else otherwise. Just using [Random()] is a very bad idea! At least
  /// use [Random.secure()].
  factory EthPrivateKey.createRandom(Random random) {
    final key = generateNewPrivateKey(random);
    return EthPrivateKey(intToBytes(key));

  /// ECC's d private parameter.
  final BigInt privateKeyInt;
  final Uint8List privateKey;
  EthereumAddress? _cachedAddress;

  final bool isolateSafe = true;

  EthereumAddress get address {
    return _cachedAddress ??=

This seems to me insecure and quite predictable with the computational power of our times.
Is it possible to somehow generate private keys in this library using the seeds of, for example, the following library?