Verifying AdminUpgradeabilityProxy

Thank you @frangio – I see now that the proxy contracts are verified. My understanding is that identical contracts verified at a different address would verify it for all addresses, correct? It is strange that 20+ attempts weren’t verified right away, but now they are. I will PM you the address of one I believe wasn’t verified right away, though now I cannot be sure.

What happened was that in the latest release of the plugins we updated the code for the proxies, and among those updates we changed the compiler version. Since the proxies are precompiled, they are unrelated to the compiler version in your own config.

At the time of the release they weren’t yet verified on Etherscan, but later I did verify them which is why you see them as verified now.

Hopefully this clears the confusion!

For sure, thank you. I hadn’t noticed the change in compiler version until yesterday :smiley: Thanks!