Verify & Publish Contract Source Code error (not sure how to fix)

Very new to this (first contract), not sure what to do

// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0

pragma solidity >=0.7.0 <0.9.0;

import "";

contract ALScoin is ERC20 {
address public admin;
constructor() ERC20("ALS COIN", 'ALS'){
_mint(msg.sender, 10000 * 10 ** 18);
admin = msg.sender;
function mint(address to, uint amount) external {
require(msg.sender == admin, 'only admin');
_mint(to, amount);
function burn(uint amount) external {
_burn(msg.sender, amount);

Hey, can you give the etherscan URL so I can try to verify it myself and see where you may have made a mistake?