Verify ProxyAdmin

Hi Everyone,

I am struggling to verify the ProxyAdmin contract that gets created on deploying a proxy, e.g.

There are 20 contracts on optimism with the same bytecode and none of them are verified.

The reason I want to verify the contract is to get the ABI so that I can transfer ownership of the ProxyAdmin to a Multisig for opsec reasons. I realize I can transfer it via script easily, but I would need to transfer back ownership from multisig to a deployer address whenever we need to do an upgrade, and I am not sure how to do that without having the contract verified.

Any help is appreciate.


Hi @Danijel_Gornjakovic,

I've verified the ProxyAdmin contract for you. For future reference, I've added the solc JSON input that I used in our verification guide:

I will also point out we plan to automate this process in the future:

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Much appreciated, sir!