Using ERC721PresetMinterPauserAutoId+ Upgradeable

I'd like to use ERC721PresetMinterAutoId, i made my smart contract and everything is perfect.

However if i need to update my smart contract in the future, i need to make it upgradeable ( tell me if i'm wrong ).
I didn't find any examples to make ERC721PresetMinterAutoId Upgradeable because i use a constructor inside it.

Can you help me ?
Have a nice day

I think you need this upgradable contract:

Just run this command to install an upgradable dependency:

npm install @openzeppelin/contracts-upgradeable

And for more details about the upgrade pattern, I think you can have a look at this documentation:
Upgrades - OpenZeppelin Docs

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Hello @Skyge ,
Thanks for your help it's perfect :slight_smile:

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