Using Clones with CREATE3

Clones with CREATE3

Anyone knows a straightforward way to deploy using My objective is to have the address only depend on the salt and not on the implementation.

I guess I could take the init code for the EIP 1167 and just pass it to the CREATE3 deploy method.

     * @dev Deploys and returns the address of a clone that mimics the behaviour of `implementation`.
     * This function uses the create opcode, which should never revert.
    function clone(address implementation) internal returns (address instance) {
        /// @solidity memory-safe-assembly
        assembly {
            // Cleans the upper 96 bits of the `implementation` word, then packs the first 3 bytes
            // of the `implementation` address with the bytecode before the address.
            mstore(0x00, or(shr(0xe8, shl(0x60, implementation)), 0x3d602d80600a3d3981f3363d3d373d3d3d363d73000000))
            // Packs the remaining 17 bytes of `implementation` with the bytecode after the address.
            mstore(0x20, or(shl(0x78, implementation), 0x5af43d82803e903d91602b57fd5bf3))
            instance := create(0, 0x09, 0x37)
        require(instance != address(0), "ERC1167: create failed");

So I would need the generated init code before the line where a new Clone is created?

Does oz have a library with this type of functionality?