Using call(abi.encode()) in solidity, but getting error

I’m trying to use call(abi.encode()) in this method:

function deposit(uint _amount) public {

If I try to call a method from 0xf5eA38B6b9644224dA1aECbC1219e8543c0689b2 that has no argument everything is fine, but when I call, as in this case, a method with 1 or more argument I get an execution reverted
I tried with abi.encodeWithSignature and nothing changed, I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong

Here it is the bsc scan of the failure:

Here it is the bsc scan of the success (methods with no argument):

and here it is the contract directly used by the front end and not called with remix:

0xfd4158766f25761fa5dddb0683c677085a04ea6db05e03794be375a8243d7128 (I can put only 2 links so this is the tx hash)

How do I call a contract with arguments?

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Sorry, I am not familiar with the BSC-Chain, maybe you should ask for help in their forum: Home | Binance Chain Forum

I think you should use by this way:
abi.encodeWithSelector(this.deposit.selector, value)