Useful and effective defaults for GovernorSettings

Hi All,

I'm writing a governance contract that first seeks to familiarize the members to the environment that I am creating, before they get a chance to propose, vote, and execute.

To that end, what have you all found are great defaults for GovernorSettings?

I'm using a quorum of 67%, a voting delay of 1 block, a voting period of 45818 blocks (~1 week), and a voter threshold of 25 votes (it will take some time+ETH for the members to achieve this)

Btw, I haven't tested GovernorTimelockControl yet -- there are some onlyOwner methods I don't want to force a delay with (especially without any unit tests to discover whether I've totally messed up some capabilities because of misconfiguration)

Long story short: what are you collective experiences and advice regarding this?

Thanks and best,

Further pondering...If I don't want a separate TimelockController contract, is there a way to override or modify the base Governor contract to add a delay after a successful vote before execute can run? Ideally to achieve the same goal to give people a chance to 'exit' before the approved vote can execute?

Thanks everyone for your feedback