Use mnemonic in @openzeppelin/test-environment

Before I would use “truffle test” and launch a ganache-cli instance manually with a set mnemonic because my tests relied on the addresses being the same everytime.

:computer: Environment
I use truffle with @openzeppelin/test-environment installed

I want to know if there is an example of configuring a mnemonic so that tests run with the exact same addresses everytime.

:1234: Code to reproduce


Hi @ezynda3,

Welcome to the community forum :wave: Thanks for posting the question here.

In the current version there doesn’t appear to be an option to configure the mnemonic for the accounts being used:

Additional features are being added as part of OpenZeppelin Test Environment – Roadmap Q2 2020

I will have to come back to you if this is an option.

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Ok. Thanks for your help!


Hi @ezynda3,

This isn’t an option currently.

@ylv-io (the project owner) has created an open issue for this: