Use GSN on an application backend


I’m creating a ethereum dapp that will be expose as an API. The idea is that this application will be the custody of the users wallets, to avoid user onboarding problems with the wallets.

I started to look into gas network station, but it is oriented to front end users interacting directly through the web page.

Is there any similar implementation, to manage the user wallets, but realying the funds in a “master” wallet that is founded?

The idea is allow to persists in the contract who send the transaction, but no manage the funds of all the wallets. The user is autenticated in the api, and the wallet is in custody of our dapp

Any ideas?


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Hi @ialberquilla,

If I understand correctly, you want users to sign meta-transactions (signing will be done by your service as you are controlling the keys) that are then relayed with your service paying the transaction fees.

You should be able to use the GSN in this scenario.

All development on the GSN has been moved to the OpenGSN organization.

I recommend asking this question on the OpenGSN Telegram:

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