Urgent help needed facing issues regarding crowdsale buy token function

i am facing some issues regarding buy token feature of crowdsale i am using remix for ui and deployment just for testing after that i will use truffle and ganche it shows an error SafeERC20: low-level call failed and reverts

"low level token purchase DO NOT OVERRIDE This function has a non-reentrancy guard, so it shouldn’t be called by another nonReentrant function. "

Try replacing safetransfer with transfer

If possible, you can share you code at here.

thanks alot but i replaced safeTransfer. keyword with transfer. this helps and now it’s working fine

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thanks alot for your help sir can you help me in making pausable token ? actually it’s a littel overwelming i had imported the files but it doesn’t shows the features of pausing in openzeppelin v2.5.1
and in v4.0 it shows nothing but just an error for beforepausing function something like that can you please tell me how to override this ?

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