Upgradeable token contract + vesting

Hi all,
I want to create an upgradeable ERC20 token I would like to distribute to participants of a private sale.
Some of them need to have a vesting period and I would like to use the TokenVesting contract.

Does this mean I need to use the 2.0 contracts?
Would it mean that I will be somehow limited in the future by missing features of later versions?

Thanks a lot,

Hi jev, welcome to the forums.

There is a newish app called https://dxsale.app/

Perhaps this can fulfill the requirements of your investors while you are free to keep your contracts at the 4.0 version.

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The contract in 2.0 has been used in production by many projects with no known issues, some of them with small modifications such as the Decentraland DAO vesting contract.

If you’re concerned about future limitations or interoperability, you could have an upgradeable vesting contract with a 2/2 multisig scheme governed by the vesting granter and the vesting beneficiary.


Thank you very much, checking it out.

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