Upgradeable Contract Question

I'm planning to upgrade a contract that one of my company's products is using with two small changes:

  1. Changing a require check from
require(price >= 5);


require(price >= 3000000000000000000);
  1. Changing some function logic from
uint256 cost = price * 1000000000000000000;


uint256 cost = price;

Does any of that stand out as dangerous for an upgrade? Will adding those 0s change the variable type or size in a way that will break the contract?
Also, I used OpenZeppelin's upgradeable tests and it threw a bunch of errors because my contracts use constructors and set initial variable values. Are these things that will for sure break my contract? I've used upgradeable contracts with these things before and never had any issues. Thoughts?

We've minted tens of thousands of NFTs from this contract so I want to make sure we don't break it.

Thank you!

Hello @Adrian_Lawson

Upgradeable generally contract do not use constructor, and use initializer instead. The exception are very slim (reusing immutable "variables" between instances).

Can you confirm that the contract you want to upgrade is an upgradeable proxy ? These should not have constructors.

Feel free to share a link to your contract on etherscan, so we can verify its status and check if the changes are possibly an issue.

I upgraded the contract and didn't have any issues. Here's the implementation contract:
Contract Address 0x310535406d6613044d0743d4470bf553307349e8 | PolygonScan
And the proxy: Contract Address 0xc3f25eE6DAdcabBD6267BD86e8991aCB0476Fd63 | PolygonScan
Any and all input is appreciated!