Updating struct cause damage to data

I have read it in forum that upgrading structs can cause a problem when they are contract variables, but if they are stored in mapping then problem won’t be caused. Well I have a struct which is stored in mapping as array of structs. And when I added a property to the end of struct. Previous data of struct is ruined.
Any way to recover this? Or to revert this implementation?

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Hi @shakeib98,

I assume that you are referring to this advice on structs and upgradeable contracts:

If I understand correctly, you have a mapping to an array of structs, and not a mapping to a struct. I assume that adding fields to a struct used in an array will likely cause issues.

I recommend thorough testing of upgrades before making them in production.
See the following article for testing real world contract upgrades:

I am not sure if there is a way to recover, it may depend what changes have been made to the state since upgrading.

Hi @shakeib98, please let us know if this happened in production, as it will change the nature of the recommendations.

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