Twitter bot for bad ERC-20 transfers

There is now a Twitter bot that tweets every time somebody fumbled ERC-20 transfer and lost their tokens:

Some few million USD has been lost since Ethereum launch this way.

Best practices of having your user security in mind

  1. User ERC-777 instead of ERC-20, as in ERC-777 smart contracts can reject the send

  2. Add an admin recovery function to your ERC-20 token contracts:


Hi @miohtama,

Thanks for sharing. :pray:

For the Recoverable contract, people may want to use SafeERC20 safeTransfer for those tokens which don’t return true.

Do you know which wallets support SafeERC20 yet?

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Hi @miohtama,

SafeERC20 is just a wrapper for interacting with ERC20 tokens, including those which are not compliant. It is useful in situations such as retrieving tokens sent by accident to a contract.