Truffle migrate failed after TransparentUpgradeableProxy deployment is done

:computer: Environment
Truffle v5.1.48
Solidity - 0.6 (solc-js)
Node v12.21.0
@openzeppelin/contracts-ethereum-package: 3.0.0
@openzeppelin/truffle-upgrades: 1.9.1
web3: 1.5.2


I am using truffle migrate and OpenZeppelin upgradeable plugin to deploy my contract.

Everything ran smoothly, until after TransparentUpgradeableProxy is deployed, the process is stopped due to my deployer address does not have enough gas.

err: insufficient funds for gas * price + value:

If I run truffle migrate again, it will start over from deploying TransparentUpgradeableProxy .

I would like to check if there is any way to patch the deployment process to skip the TransparentUpgradeableProxy deployment step and Save to migration.

Thank you!

Was the TransparentUpgradeableProoxy actually deployed? If not, you can re-run the migration, it will reuse the implementation contract and proxy admin.

Hi Frangio,

TransparentUpgradeableProxy was deployed. I manually update the set completed to the latest step and it seems working