Truffle BN notation, wrong return value for erc721 token price


I have a function in my smart contract where I return the function of my ERC 721 token

   function getTokenPrice() public view returns (uint){
        return plotPrice;

I originally initalized the plotPrice to be 0.25 eth, i.e.

    uint internal plotPrice = 0.25 ether;

Now, when I try calling my function from my truffle console, using the command:

let instance = Contract.deployed()

I get this

truffle(development)> tomb.getTokenPrice()
BN {
  negative: 0,
  words: [ 30998528, 34302778, 55, <1 empty item> ],
  length: 3,
  red: null

I am not sure how exactly this is my token price, as I'm pretty sure my token price is set to 0.25 ETH.

Any ideas?

I think you can make the output be more readable.

let price = tomb.getTokenPrice()