Transferring ownership of contract back to deployment wallet

I believe the answer to my question is "no" but I'm asking anyway because I haven't found a clear answer through googling.

I have three addresses in question:

The Deployment Wallet was used to deploy both contracts A and B. Because Contract A served as a "factory" contract to be used for lazy minting on OpenSea with Contract B, it needed to be granted ownership over Contract B via transferOwnership. So Contract A is now the owner of Contract B, and Deployment Wallet is still the owner of contract A.

My problem is that I cannot connect to third party marketplaces with Deployment Wallet where our collection owned by Contract B is being traded to claim ownership over the collection to set/collect royalties, etc.. I can only see the "collection" for contract A, which was a few token "options" used during minting as factories to generate the real tokens into the collection owned by Contract B.

Since I was trying to stick to OpenSea's smart contract templates and dev tutorials in an effort to make our project compatible with their storefront and not get too over my skis, I figured that the way they respect ownership of Contract B through Contract A by Deployment Wallet would work similarly in other marketplaces. Alas, this does not seem to be the case and I should have included a function in contract A for transferOwnership of contract B, but I did not.

Is there any way for Deployment Wallet, as owner of Contract A, to act as a proxy on behalf of contract A in order to sign requests on its behalf so that I can transerOwnership of Contract B to Deployment Wallet? I do not think this is possible, but I'm hoping that as contract B's owner, Deployment Wallet could conduct transfer operations as if it was contract B itself. I suppose this would raise serious security implications but want to check if I'm missing anything.

Thank you!