Transfer amount exceeds the maxTxAmount

I want send a coin to an exchange to sell it . But there is an eror for it , eror is :

Transfer amount exceeds the maxTxAmount
How can i solve it

You should by the least post this in plain text, so that anyone willing to help you will be able to search that transaction hash on Etherscan.
There's a bunch of other things that you can do, such as providing more details (what chain is it, what token is it, what contract function is it, etc).

Yes you’r right ,
Coin : klee kai
Network : Erc20
Form Trust wallet To exchange
Contract : 0xa67e9f021b9d208f7e3365b2a155e3c55b27de71
I saw something In coinmarketcap about this token:
KleeKai has migrated their contract address from v1 to v2

can you share tx hash too?

well the error indicates that you are trying to transfer more the maximum amount of tokens that is allowed by the contract. Try sending less by splitting it up into multiple transactions