Transaction and deployment costs for upgradeable contract on mainnet

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Feel free to answer your own questions as it builds the knowledge base for the entire community. In this case you can either leave the question or delete it entirely.

For transaction costs for contracts, I will do the transaction on a public testnet to see the gas, then use ETH Gas Station to work out gas price. and then check the price of Ether.

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I edited/deleted as i feel stupid af :expressionless: : => i had not configured my network.js file Ropsten testnet config to reflect the nowadays high gas price in mainnet,
So in testnet my contract had been deployed but 75% cheaper than it went on mainnet, fixed now.

My contract based on preset ERC20PausableUpgradableSafe deploys with ~0.4ETH tx fee.
Also seems upgrading the contract (really, really nice feautre btw!) deploys it all over again with same ~0.4 ETH fee.

Now i’m looking for a way to have receiver accept to pay transfer fee instead of sender in a Metamask popup,i had a look at this “old” topic as a reference but not sure if it is merged/available in oz contracts :

…but i will & should probably open another topic :))

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Hi @DarkPay,

Gas prices are huge at the moment (240+ Gwei). I am sure lots of people are also running into this.

An upgradeable contract consists of a proxy, a ProxyAdmin and an implementation contract. When we upgrade, we deploy a new implementation contract and update the proxy to use the new implementation.

See the Learn guide for details:

It is best to create a new topic per question, so that anyone in the community can answer. :pray: