Token TimeLock Tips, caveats etc

Hi there!

I'm creating tokenTimeLock contract, something like
I have some questions for people with a real blockchain experiences and ideas, and hopefully this topic will help also another devs...

  1. Is there difference between standard(erc20) tokens and LP toknes(uniswap LP v2 and v3) in sense of transferring and holding in contract? Or in another words, could I run in some problems if I will treat LP tokens in the same way as erc20?

  2. What's are the caveats of locking and transferring tokens?
    E.g. I Already find out importance of using "SafeERC20" for tx...

  3. What is the technical reason of RFI(reflect token/tax on tx)tokens being locked and won't be able to withdraw if the holding contract is not excluded from fee?

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